In this section, the ICF Group provides all information regarding the purposes of collecting data and the protection procedures and measures in place for the personal data collected by the ICF Group in the framework of its activities. The information collected will be processed with total confidentiality, following the stipulations contained herein at all times.


This section specifies the information regarding the processing of personal information, as well as the purposes of the ICF Group collecting information, and the rights of the user.

The ICF Group incorporates personal information regarding all its stakeholders into records and databases, gathered from all kinds of financing requests, and regardless of the commercial or contractual relationship with the ICF Group

The ICF Group adopts the appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the proper use, security and confidentiality of personal data gathered, complying with the requirements of personal data protection regulations in force.

All details requested are essential and necessary for processing a financing request submitted by the interested party correctly, or for the proper development of a commercial or contractual relationship.

The interested party submits the details voluntarily, and guarantees that they are truthful, precise and updated. If the details entered correspond with a third party, the user guarantees that s/he has informed said party of the aspects contained in this document, and has obtained authorisation to provide such information to the ICF Group.

The ICF Group will not make any fully automated final decisions with the information provided. In any case, studies of segmentation and profile creation can facilitate and streamline the risk assessment process for the financing request, and the management and monitoring of the contract entered in to.

The ICF Group, in regard to complying with personal data protection regulations, acts as a Group, in accordance with the definition and characteristics specified in applicable regulations.

The party responsible for processing the information is the company within the ICF Group that has gathered the data, whereby the technical and organisational measures for its safeguarding are the same for the whole ICF Group.

The identification of the companies that form part of the ICF Group for the purposes of complying with personal data protection regulations is as follows:



Institut Català de Finances

Instruments Financers per Empreses Innovadores

Institut Català de Finances Capital SGEIC SAU






Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 635. 08010 Barcelona.




In accordance with regulations in force, the data protection officer is the person responsible for ensuring compliance with personal data protection regulations across all activities of the ICF Group.

The contact email address of the ICF Group data protection officer Is

The legitimacy and legal basis of the processing of personal data by the ICF Group are detailed below:

Compliance with or execution of a contract, which gives rise to the diligent management of the obligations contained therein.

The granting of the interested party's explicit and unequivocal consent.

As a result of the legitimate interest of the ICF Group, it may anonymously and securely use the data derived from the contractual relationship: regarding the use of communication channels and other interactions that can be established to improve the products offered, increase satisfaction, comply with third-party expectations, and elaborate statistics, surveys or market studies that may be of common interest.

In compliance with a legal or judicial obligation that requires the ICF Group to carry out specific processing of the available information. The interested party's consent is not required in these cases. For example, this is the case with processing data in compliance with obligations established by money laundering and terrorist financing prevention regulations.


The personal details gathered by the ICF Group are primarily used to properly manage the requested products or the products contracted with the ICF Group.

Each of the proposed purposes are detailed below for the interested party to grant his/her consent:

Managing and monitoring requested or contracted products or services: This consent is necessary and essential in order to assess and manage the requests received, and subsequently supervise and properly manage the contractual relationships that may be derived from this, as well as any possible incidents or claims. The legitimacy to carry out such data processing is the execution of the contract itself.

Likewise, one of the legitimate interests of the ICF Group is to carry out risk assessments and profiles regarding credit, with a view to find out the applicant's credit standing, and facilitate and streamline the assessment of risks derived from the financing request. The ICF Group will not make any fully automated decisions regarding the outcome of a financing application.

Offer and transmit commercial information on products and services of the ICF Group: This allows the ICF Group to keep you informed, and offer you different commercial offers regarding products and campaigns. It also allows it to send you other information relative to the Group, and send out surveys to find out your opinion and evaluation of the requested/contracted products and surveys.

Wherever there is not a legitimate interest of the ICF Group, the legitimacy to carry out such data processing is the explicit consent of the interested party.

Carry out risk profiles and segments regarding products or services of the ICF Group: The interested party's personal details may be used by the ICF Group to create segments, profiles and/or statistic or market studies, in order to better understand expectations and improve the commercial relationship with the consumer. Wherever there is not a legitimate interest of the ICG Group, the legitimacy to carry out such data processing is the explicit consent of the interested party.

To communicate your personal details to third parties: the ICF Group will not transfer any kind of personal information to third parties, unless it is obliged to do so by virtue of a law, or if the interested party provides explicit consent to do so.

The personal information gathered by the ICF Group is stored throughout the term of the contract signed.

Data related to requests or applications that do not end up formalised are preserved for a period of no longer than 6 months, provided that there is no legal requirement, and that no extended period has been agreed upon in the request document itself.

Once the contractual relationship has ended, the personal information is blocked throughout the statutory limitation periods; this is generally 10 years for money laundering and terrorist financing regulations, and up to 21 years in application of the Civil Code and mortgage legislation. After these periods have elapsed, the personal data will be removed from the registries and files held by the ICF Group.




The interested party can freely access all the personal information that the ICF and its associated companies have on them.


Your personal information can be modified or corrected if they are inaccurate at any time.


You can request the removal of your personal information from the registries and files of the ICF and its associated companies.


This is a request for your personal information to not undergo any type of processing.

Processing limitation

You can request a limit on how your personal information is processed by the ICF and its associated companies.


You can ask to receive all the personal information that you have provided in digital format, as well as all other data created during the contractual relationship; you can also request for all of this data to be transferred to another entity.


This section covers the procedure for exercising your rights, and includes a form to make it easier for the party concerned to process a request or exercise their rights, in any financial or contractual relationship with companies of the ICF Group.

The interested party can withdraw consent at any time to process or transfer personal data, and can also access rights of access, rectification, opposition, cancellation, limitation, removal and portability, without this affecting the processing request or the contract.

To exercise these rights, you can use the following channels:

By email, to 

By writing to the address Gran Via de les Forts Catalanes, 635, 6ena planta, 08010 Barcelona.

You can also do so on this website, by filling out the form at this link.

In all cases, you can always make the corresponding claim with the Catalan Data Protection Agency ( or the Spanish Data Protection Agency (

The correct identification of the concerned party is essential for any kind of procedure. For this reason, you must attach a copy of your National ID Document to the claim, along with an equivalent document accrediting the identity of the party concerned.

There is no cost for exercising the aforementioned rights, or for filing claims with the Group or official agencies.

Access the form to facilitate the processing of a request, or to exercise the rights of a concerned party in any financial or contractual relationship with companies in the ICF Group, by clicking here.