November 14th - Girona


Showroom of funding for the internationalization



Date14.11.2018 - 14.11.2018

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Wednesday 14th November from 9.30hr to  12hr

Headquarters of ACCIÓ in Girona
Sq. Pompeu Fabra, 1
Room Carles Rahola
17002 Girona

The ICF participates in the Showroom of funding organized by ACCIÓ in Girona with the objective of introducing the products and instruments of funding that it puts at the disposal of the companies and entrepreneurs of Catalonia.

At the end of the session, the commercial representative of the ICF will attend personally those companies that wish it and that search funding to promote their entrepreneurial project. If you want to have an individual interview it is necessary that you request it previously by sending an e-mail to

To attend the showroom, it is necessary to register here.