The ICF is a public financial institution, founded in 1985, that is dependent upon the Catalonia Regional Government. ICF's main goal is to foster and facilitate access to funding for enterprises based on Catalonia, complementing the private financial sector.

The ICF funds investments, capital increases and/or working capital for companies whose registered and operating offices are located in Catalonia, through loans, guarantees and/or venture capital. 

The ICF does not provide funding to individuals except for capital increases at companies, where the borrower may be a private individual who is a pre-existing or new shareholder. 

Via the 'Apply for your funding' section of this website. You can also apply through ICF's commercial agents or promoters or on 902 227 237.

ICF provides long-term funding in order to adapt the loan to the maturity of the investment and the company's business plan. ICF may provide guarantees to financial institutions to make it easier for companies to gain access to credit. 

Any company or institution with registered and/or operating offices in Catalonia can apply, regardless of its size or sector of activity.

Yes. Terms may vary depending on the project and the company's rating.

None. ICF does not provide aid or subsidies. ICF provides loans, guarantees and venture capital. However, some of ICF's financial products -most notably loans under agreements with departments of the Catalonia Regional Government- enjoy certain guarantees. 

It depends on the product. Some ICF products do allow for leasing.

Yes, ICF may provide guarantees to financial institutions to make it easier for companies to gain access to credit. ICF's guarantee activity is conducted jointly with the reciprocal guarantee company Avalis de Catalunya, SGR.

Yes. ICF creates, manages and participates in venture capital instruments as a means of strategic funding and supporting the growth of enterprises, on a complementary basis through coinvestment with the private sector. This is especially the case in instruments focusing on seed/start-up capital, development and expansion/growth capital, through specialised management and in partnership with private managers. Within the framework of this venture capital activity, ICF has its own fund manager (ICF Capital) which manages four funds: Capital MAB, an investment fund aimed at providing finance to companies listed in the MAB; Capital Expansió, aimed at medium-sized companies with growth and internationalization projects; SICOOP, a company that invests in cooperatives; and BCN Emprèn, specialising in technology and innovation companies (the latter two funds are currently in the divestment phase).

Contact ICF's venture capital area or one of the independent specialist managers, depending on your segment: seed/start-up capital, development capital or growth/expansion capital.

No. ICF has its own finance products and facilities. However, the two institutions' products are not incompatible and may even complement each other depending on the borrower's funding requirements. 

No. ICF's finance products are aimed primarily at funding business activity: investment projects and/or working capital requirements. For companies with sizeable external debt, ICF offers the option of recapitalising the company via loans to shareholders (existing or new) to enable them to increase the company's capital and enhance its financial structure and solvency.