Corporate information

ICF is a entity with separate legal personality that is governed by private law. It has its own assets and treasury in order to be able to conduct its business.

ICF abides by the principles of financial stability and risk management and control, in accordance with regulations and requirements established by Spanish and European regulators for credit institutions.

ICF is classified by the Bank of Spain as a non-monetary financial institution and has been ratified by EUROSTAT as a non-ESA institution (public), which means it contributes neither debt nor deficit to the Catalonia Regional Government.

ICF funds itself mainly in the domestic and international markets, via bank loans and debt issuance.

The institute's internal governance, structure, processes and operations follow the criteria established by European banking regulations (Directive 2013/36/EU, Regulation 575/2013 and Basel III) and Spanish legislation (Law 10/2014, of 26 June, on the regulation, supervision and solvency of credit institutions).

Moreover, ICF keeps accounts and presents financial statements in accordance with the standards established for credit institutions.  


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