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ICF is classified by the Bank of Spain as a non-monetary financial institution and has been ratified by EUROSTAT as a non-ESA institution (public), which means it contributes neither debt nor deficit to the Catalonia Regional Government.

ICF funds itself mainly in the domestic and international markets, via bank loans and debt issuance.

Moreover, ICF keeps accounts and presents financial statements in accordance with the standards established for credit institutions.

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"All debts and obligations acquired by Institut Català de Finances in raising funds will be guaranteed vis-à-vis third parties by the Catalonia Regional Government. This guarantee is explicit, irrevocable, unconditional and direct" — Law 7/2011, of 27 July, concerning fiscal and financial measures.

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To carry out his activity, the ICF is funded fundamentally in the national and international markets, via bank loans and debt issuances so that it does not depend on the budgets of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

One of the sources of funding of the Catalan public financial entity are the loans of the European Investment Bank (BEI), the institution of long-term funding of the European Union.

The objective of these loans it is to increase the funding for freelances, small and medium enterprises (until 249 employees) and companies on average capitalization (between 250 and 2,999 employees) with headquarters and/or establishment in Catalonia for investments or working capital requirements.

The funding will serve, among other, to stimulate the economic growth and the job creation in Catalonia,as well as to give support to activities of R+D+I, exports and the internationalization of Catalan companies. 

The loan, with preferential conditions, have a deadline of amortization of between 4 and 12 years.