Development/Venture capital

Funds aimed at technology projects (ICT, biotech, etc.) to complete the initial development and the commercial launch of the product or service, and early growth phases. 

Fund/Company Investment focus Investment amount 
(€ milion)
Manager Contact details
CAPITAL MAB, FCR Growth  0,15 - 1,0 ICF Capital, SGEIC SAU
CAIXA INNVIERTE INDUSTRIA, SCR Technology for industry 0,5 - 3,0 Caixa Capital Risc,
CAIXA INNVIERTE BIOMED II, FCR Biotech 0,2 - 4,0 Caixa Capital Risc, SGEIC SAU
NAUTA TECH INVEST IV, FCR Digital 1 - 6 Nauta Capital VC Partners, SGEIC SA


ELAIA DELTA FUND, FPCI Digital 0,5 - 2,0 Elaia Partners, SAS

+33 1 76 74 92 50

SC EFFICIENCY & ENVIROMENT FUND II, FCR Energetic efficiency 2 - 10 Suma Capital SGEIC, SAU

* Funds cofinanced by the ERDF

View other funds in which ICF is invested (where the investment period has concluded).

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