Co-financing Banc Sabadell - ICF

Line of loans co-financed by Banc Sabadell and the ICF in equal proportions (50%).

The co-financing is provided through a single loan operation. Banc Sabadell and the ICF act as creditors and share the risk and the guarantees.

The purpose of the line is to facilitate access to financing for companies and to double the resources available for investment projects and/or working capital requirements.

To apply for your Banc Sabadell - ICF co-financed loan, you can go to any branch of Banc Sabadell or get in touch by email.

On behalf of both entities, Banc Sabadell acts as an intermediary with the company.

Co-financing Banc Sabadell - ICF

Financial conditions

Amount: minimum of €500,000 and maximum of €500,000,000 per beneficiary.

Banc Sabadell will contribute 50% of the amount and the ICF the remaining 50%.

Term and repayment: up to 10 years, including a grace period of up to 2 years for investment projects. In the case of working capital financing, the maximum term will be 3 years and, exceptionally, terms of up to 5 years may be considered.

Interest rate: the interest rate will be proposed by Banc Sabadell and approved by the ICF. It will be variable and tied to Euribor.

Fees: The ICF will charge a minimum arrangement fee of 0.25% on the amount contributed by the Catalan public financial institution. Banc Sabadell, for its part, will charge a minimum arrangement fee of 0.50% on the amount contributed and 0.50% for intermediation. The early repayment fee will be a minimum of 0.50% of the amount repaid.

Collateral: any guarantees that the company provides will be shared between Banc Sabadell and the ICF at 50% each. In the event that a bank guarantee is provided, the two entities will be the beneficiaries in proportion to the risk assumed.


Apply for your Banc Sabadell - ICF co-financed loan by contacting any branch of Banc Sabadell or by email.

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