Coinvestment with private investors

Financing together with private investors in the form of a participative loan for start-ups or early-stage companies.

ICF manages the coinvestment with private investors through IFEM.

Préstecs Participatius - Coinversió amb Business Angels

Financial terms

Operation type: participative loan.

A part of the formalised amount will be able to be destined (until a maximum of 15% or 20.000€) to invest in the capital of the company by IFEM.

Amount: generally between €50,000 and €200,000 per project. The maximum investment on part of IFEM cannot exceed the sum of the contributions in capital of the private investors.
With the objective of accompanying the companies in following rounds of funding, IFEM will be able to increase the invested amount (follow-on) until additional 200.000€ with the same conditions.

Purpose: financing of the business plan set out in the application.

Term: maximum of 5 years, including a grace period of up to 2 year.

Fixed interest rate: linked to 12-month Euríbor plus a spread of 5%

Floating interest rate: to be determined on the basis of the performance of the business plan (up to a maximum of 7%).

Arrangement fee: 0.5% of the principal

Collateral: without collateral.


Application must be made via an accredited intermediary: business angel networks or company or private vehicle of investment (business accelerators, venture builders, pledge funds, entities of venture capital not invested by the ICF and societies of limited responsibility or anonymous that serve as instrument of investment for investors).

Among the accredited private investors, there are 8 networks of business angels, 2 venture builders, 1 accelerator and 7 venture capitals funds. 


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