ICF-Avalis (for SMEs and self-employed workers)

Loan with guarantee to facilitate the financing to the Catalan small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and to self-employed workers in order to carry out investments or for needs of current.

ICF - Avalis (for SMEs and self-employed workers)

Financial terms

Amount: between €25,000 and €250,000.

Period: until 10 years, including a grace period of 2 years.

Interest rate: 12 months plus a differential of 1,50% on the part of the ICF. It will be necessary to add the cost of the guarantee determinate by Avalis de Catalunya.

Commissions: without commission for opening and/or study; for early amortization up to 25%.

Guarantees: Guarantee of Avails de Catalunya for 100% of the capital more 90 days of ordinary interests.


  1. Apply for your loan "ICF - Avalis (for SMEs and self-employed workers).
  2. Once you have completed and submitted the form, you will receive instructions by e-mail.
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