Culture (Cultura)

Participative loans contributed by Catalonian Institute of Cultural Enterprises (ICEC) via the ICF to facilitate activity and provide financial support to digital cultural entrepreneurs in their projects' early stages.

For digital cultural enterprises incorporated in the four years prior to the loan application, with business projects involving growth or interactive digital services (development of applications, games and/or platforms for the consumption or distribution of goods and services online), with registered offices or an operating base in Catalonia.

Préstecs Participatius - Cultura

Financial terms

Amount: from €40,000 to €200,000.

Term: between 3 and 5 years, including a grace period of up to 2 years.

Interest: a fixed or minimum rate of 2.5% and a total rate resulting from the EBT/ Median equity ratio.

Arrangement fee: 1% of the amount.


  1. Apply for a Culture participative loan.
  2. Once you have completed and submitted the form, you will receive instructions by e-mail.
  3. The ICEC will assess the project's eligibility and viability on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Once the application has been assessed and approved by the ICEC, the ICF will ratify the approval and arrange the loan.
  5. Applications may be filed for as long as the ICEC funds last.

Applications may be filed for as long as the ICEC funds last.

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