Capital Expansió

A venture capital fund that co-invests in growth, internationalization and industry concentration projects for mid-sized enterprises.


Investment profile:

The fund is aimed at companies with Catalan headquarters, considering two turnover segments:

  • Turnover between €10 and €100 million

Type of stake: participative loans and/or equity; investment of between €500,000 and €2.4 million, jointly with other investors.


  • Turnover between €4 and €10 million

Type of stake: mainly, participative loans; investment of between €500,000 and €1 million.


Investment capacity: the fund initially has €20 million.


Complementary information: 

NG_ico_pdf Corporative presentation about Capital Expansió (CAT)



Adrià Torrelles  

93 342 84 64


Capital Expansió is invested in the following companies:


Institut Oftalmològic Tres Torres (IOTT)


Varador 2000






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