Organisation chart

Management Commitee

Josep-Ramon Sanromà Celma, CEO

Anna Àlvarez Santiago, general manager

Joan Carles Rovira Garcia, general manager       

Vanessa Servera Planas, general manager

Marta Gomà Rigat, corporate manager

Assís de Riba Cusó, manager

Business Divisions

Lending and Credit Risk Management - Anna Àlvarez Santiago, general manager

Business development - Antoni Vallès Novel, manager

Monitoring and risk management - Màxim Mata Batlle, manager


Equity Investments and Capital Markets - Joan Carles Rovira Garcia, general manager

Financial instruments investments - Irene Bertran Aixut, manager

Treasury and Capital Markets - Xavier Auguets Pratsobrerroca, manager

Corporate Divisions

Finance & operations - Vanessa Servera Planas, general manager

Finances - Jordi Vila Pairó, manager

Technology, purchases and services - Enric Figueras Fargas, manager


Audit, compliance & internal control - Marta Gomà Rigat, corporate manager

Compliance - Víctor Mato Rodríguez, manager

Subsidiaries and investees

ICF Capital

Capital Expansió - Adrià Torrelles Burgués, manager

Capital MAB - Emili Gómez Jane, manager

BCN Emprèn - Christian Fernández García, manager


IFEM - Marc Lloveras Llavina, manager


Avalis de Catalunya, SGR - Josep Lores Garcia, CEO

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