Organisation chart

Management Commitee

Josep-Ramon Sanromà Celma, CEO

Anna Àlvarez Santiago, general manager

Joan Carles Rovira Garcia, general manager       

Vanessa Servera i Planas, general manager

Marta Gomà Rigat, corporate manager

Assís de Riba Cusó, manager

Business Divisions

Lending and Credit Risk Management - Anna Àlvarez Santiago, general manager

Investment - Noemí Gálvez, manager

Business development - Antoni Vallès Novel, manager

Monitoring and risk management - Màxim Mata Batlle, manager


Equity Investments and Capital Markets - Joan Carles Rovira Garcia, general manager

Financial instruments investments - Irene Bertran Aixut, manager

Treasury and Capital Markets - Xavier Auguets Pratsobrerroca, manager

Corporate Divisions

Finance & operations - Vanessa Servera i Planas, general manager

Finances - Jordi Vila Pairó, manager

Technology, purchases and services - Enric Figueras Fargas, manager


Audit, compliance & internal control - Marta Gomà Rigat, corporate manager

Compliance - Víctor Mato Rodríguez, manager

Subsidiaries and investees

ICF Capital

Capital Expansió - Adrià Torrelles Burgués, manager

Capital MAB - Emili Gómez Jane, manager

BCN Emprèn - Christian Fernández García, manager


IFEM - Marc Lloveras Llavina, manager


Avalis de Catalunya, SGR - Josep Lores Garcia, CEO

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