This section complies with the requirements for advertising regarding the corporate and functional organisation of the ICF Group.

In addition to its organic relations with its subsidiaries, the ICF Group also participates in other venture capital entities. Details of these participations can be found in the Financial Report 2017 annexes (page 85)

See the ICF Group corporate organisational chart here.

The ICF is regulated by Legislative Decree 4/2002 of December 24, which approved the revised text of the Catalan Finance Institute Act of January 14, 1985, subsequently modified on several occasions under Legislative Decrees 2/2015 of July 28 and 4/2015 of December 29, and Act 5/2017 of March 28, governing fiscal, administrative, financial and public sector measures.

The ICF Group also has a Code of Conduct, which includes the set of values, ethical principles and norms of conduct that must govern and inspire the professional activity of the group

See the ICF Group Collective Agreement, which regulates the working conditions, rights and obligations of the ICF Group's professional staff.

The ICF Group undertakes its activity within the regulatory framework of private law, with the exception of its public procurement activity, which is governed by the application of the administrative law governing competitive tenders. Therefore, it does not have any kind of service charter or procedures catalogue.

The governing bodies of the ICF are comprised of a majority of independent board members, in accordance with the European regulations for credit institutions. The CVs of the members of the governing bodies can be consulted on this portal by clicking here. You can also access the profile and career of the ICF's CEO by clicking here.

The information about the senior positions and members of the governing bodies, as well as the remuneration of their members, is detailed both in the Annual Corporate Governance Report (page 5) and the ICF Financial Report (page 81). 

On the Government of Catalonia Transparency Portal you can see the annual remuneration received by the senior officials of public entities.


All the employees of the ICF Group undertake their tasks in accordance with the Collective Agreement in force and under the labour contract signed between the two parties. The information on the volume in terms of people can be found in the Annual Report (page 14) and, regarding the staff costs, in the Financial Report. (page 77)

The ICF Group publishes on multiple public employment portals job offers aimed at covering the personnel vacancies in the entities of the group.

You can also send your Curriculum Vitae by email to

The ICF has a workers committee consisting of 5 members selected as representatives of all the workers during a trade union election process. The members are currently part of the UGT union.

ICF does not have employees seconded to unions.


In this section we provide information on the economic management of the ICF Group's entities and the ICF's assets. None of the ICF Group entities grants subsidies or aid as part of its activities in support of the productive fabric

The current legislation governing the ICF establishes that it has budgetary autonomy with respect to the Government of Catalonia. Only the maximum limit of annual indebtedness is subject to approval under the Budget Act. Through this link you can access the most recent act with the maximum approved debt.

The ICF and all the entities of the group submit their annual accounts for review by external auditors. The following link will take you to the most recent consolidated accounts annual report and tothe individual ICF report.

In addition, as a public entity, the ICF Group may be subjected to reviews by public control bodies, such as the Accounts Audit Office and the General Comptroller of Accounts of the Government of Catalonia. You can read the reports published on the ICF Group entities on their respective websites.

In the Annual Report (page 32) you can find the financial volumes represented by Capital in the Material Assets of the ICF Group.

The ICF owns the building in which its headquarters and administrative offices are located at 635, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, Barcelona. It is partially leased by other entities of the group or those in which it participates and other bodies of the Government of Catalonia. In addition, the ICF owns the building located at 252, Via Augusta, which is fully rented by different tenants, professionals, business people and private companies.

As a result of the guarantees for credit operations, the ICF also owns properties of a diverse nature that are managed and marketed by INCASÒL, the Catalan Land Institute.

The ICF Group does not provide any kind of subsidy or grant as part of any of the activities it undertakes


This section gives detailed information about the ICF Group's contracting body, as well as the issues related to the contracting and current agreements.

The contracting body of the companies that make up the ICF Group are:

  • Catalan Institute of Finance: The President of the Board of Directors or the Chief Executive Officer of the Board.
  • Instrumens Financers per Empreses Innovadores SL: The President of the Board of Directors.
  • ICF Capital SGEIC, SAU: The President of the Board of Directors.

See the Contracting Instructions for the whole ICF Group.

All the contracting for the ICF Group companies is governed by the public sector contracting legislation and by internal procedures. Go to the ICF contracting portal and to that of IFEM to view detailed information on bids and adjudications.


The ICF Group maintains agreements with different departments of the Government of Catalonia and it is they who publish the corresponding grant orders on their websites.


No entity of the ICF group undertakes its activity in accordance with any prior directive that may be actively informed of in this section. There is no sectorial territorial plan or territorial planning approved by any of the ICF Group companies.


The ICF Group does not act under the logic of the general or sectorial plans and, therefore, there is no documentation to incorporate in this section as an object of active advertising. In contrast, the general lines that the Department of Economy and Finance, through which the ICF relates to the Government of Catalonia, establishes as general guidelines for action, are applicable.



No entity of the ICF Group has any autonomy to issue any kind of general regulation, directive, instruction or circular. In order to undertake any legislative initiative, which would always be limited to its own establishment act, it would need the support and execution of the Department of Economy and Finance, through which the ICF relates to the Government of Catalonia. In this respect, you can consult the act that established the ICF.

The ICF Group also has no power over the administrative intervention regime and the review of administrative acts