The ICF invests 2.5 million euros in 16 Catalan start-ups in 2017


The Institut Català de Finances has a specific vehicle (IFEM) to invest in newly created innovative companies through participatory loans together with invertors accredited by the ICF. From the beginning of this activity in 2012, the ICF has already invested a total of 12.3 million euros in 81 Catalan companies of new creation.

The Institut Català de Finances has invested during 2017 a total of 2.5 million euros in 16 Catalan start-ups through the co-investment facility established in 2012 through IFEM. With this co-financing facility, the ICF promotes and fosters the development of start-ups in Catalonia, while it facilitates the access to financing of these companies, diversifies their sources of resources catchment and acts as a tractor of more investment.

With this public-private co-financing facility, the ICF invests in start-ups through participatory loans of up to 200.000 euros that complement the investment of the private investors, business angels, venture builders, accelerators and venture capital funds. As a novelty, this 2017, and for some operations, besides the participatory loans, a part of this investment has been carried out in capital.

The last investments that the ICF carried out have been in Colvin Co, Skitude, Ivoox, Apartum and Exoticca.

With these new investments, since 2012 the ICF has already invested 12.3 million euros in 81 newly created Catalan companies through this co-financing facility.

18 new private investors

Also during the last exercise, the ICF has selected and validated new private investors to co-invest trough IFEM after they had answered a call for manifestation of interest (public competition) published at the beginning of 2017.

Among the accredited private investors, there are 8 networks of business angels, 2 venture builders, 1 accelerator and 7 venture capitals funds. The 18 accredited private investors are:

  • Fundació Ship2b (Network of business angels)
  • Antai BAN (Network of business angels)
  • IESE BAN (Network of business angels)
  • Economistes BAN (Network of business angels)
  • ESADE BAN (Network of business angels)
  • SeedRocket (Network of business angels)
  • Eix Technova (Network of business angels)
  • BANC (Network of business angels)
  • Nuclio Venture Builder (Venture Builder)
  • Antai Venture Builder (Venture Builder)
  • mVentures (Accelerator)
  • Reus Venture Capital (Venture Capital)
  • Samaipata Ventures (Venture Capital)
  • Kibo Ventures (Venture Capital)
  • Seedrocket 4founders Capital (Venture Capital)
  • Inveready Venture Capital (Venture Capital)
  • Sabadell Venture Capital (Venture Capital)
  • Smartech (Venture Capital)

Co-investment in the area of corporative entrepreneurship

The ICF also co-invest trough the Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme, promoted jointly with ACCIÓ, in order to promote projects of entrepreneurship between start-ups and big companies. During 2017, the public financial entity has co-invested with significance corporate partners in the start-ups 500 Markets, Brokoli and Talent Clue, among others.

Investment in start-ups